Net Styles

Here are the net shapes and sizes that I currently make. If you have a shape or size of net frame I can create a net from it or alter an existing net shape. Net handles can be in many styles and lengths, here are some of the style that I have created. Longer or shorter handles can be combined with most frame shapes. Also curved or steam bend handles can be added.



The Willow

The Willow is a great all around net with it medium size and 8-12 inch handle is at home on rivers and lakes in personal watercraft.

10 X 16 with 8-12 inch handle.




The Alpine

The Alpine model is has a large 14 X 17 frame with a 14 inch deep net. This net is on the bigger side for river use, but is great for personal water craft like pontoons and the Handle length can be ordered longer than the normal 10-14 inches to a 30 plus inch boat length handle.






The Summit

The Summit is a wide mouth 10 X 15 Inch net suitable for both stream use and works equally well in a float tube, it can also be fitted with a longer handle for pontoons or boat use for small to medium-sized fish.






The Sierra

The Sierra is a very strong and compact net and easy to carry. Don’t let the size of this net fool you it is a deceptively effective and easy to net fish with either by the head or the tail. It is most at home on the river its slender shape rides well on the back of a vest.

8 X 16   6-8 inch handle.






The Tenkara

The popularity of Tenkara style fishing seems to be growing every day. The medium to long handle is a great benefit with the long rods and fixed line. Circular nets are not the norm for trout but have a very unique and pleasing look.

10 inch diameter 16 inch handle.






The Aspen


The Aspen is a perfect small stream net, lightweight and compact. my favorite variation for this net is the curved handle. the curved handle can be used left or right. The soft shape of the loop along with the curved handle may be my favorite net to build.

9 X 14 6-8 handle.

DSCN5437    DSCN5421





The Riverbend

Much like a circle oval nets have a very pleasing symmetry to their shape, The narrow front makes them easy to guide and the wide center allows fish to fall naturally into the net.

8 1/2 X 16   6-8 inch handle.








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